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Frequent questions

Ear For Life

Intervals are wrong.
The two persons that contacted me with this remark was trying to listen to the individual notes and used the keyboard to select the end note. But in the Interval tests, the keyboard is referring to intervals and not notes. C is referred to as the Octave or the base. The interval samples are used with different root note so concentrate on listening to the interval instead.

What’s up with the arrow and 2 keyboards?
This should be a hint to turn the iPhone & iPod onto its side. Then a new test view using a piano layout will be active.
For you who don’t think this is an improvement, head over to the settings and disable it to get back the “old” circle of fifth view instead.

Designed for head phone use
The current versions are designed for using headphones to perceive the full frequency sound sample. If the iPhones external speaker is used, make sure to boost the bass frequencies. If not, some chords might be heard as altered. This is because the bass note normally defines the chord. An A minor7 could then be recognized as a C major depending on how you perceive it. So aim for a quiet environment and increase the bass volume or use a good quality set of head phones.
I will test the samples using an iPhone and see if some samples needs to be improved.


Guitar For Life 2

Where are the backing tracks?
Check out the Backing tracks section in the menu to the right. Hosted by media fire.
The idea is to add loops directly in the screen. It has been tested and can play without any glitch, but it will take time to create enough data in order to release a first version.

The application does not teach music theory
The application is not meant to teach music theory. There is some information about note relation but hardly the theory behind it. This app is for you to pick up the guitar, learn to relate a new scale to one you already know (or learnt through this app) and play over the backing tracks or chord sequences.


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