Backing tracks

This page will contain links to audio files for the examples published in the Guitar For Life 1 & 2 iPhone/iPad/iPod application. More backing tracks will be added over time so stop by often.

All files are original material, created in LogicExpress. The links point to folders hosted by the free MediaFire file hosting service.

New! Files names will end with the creation date in order to keep track of updates. All backing tracks will be remastered over time using better sound libraries. The plan is also to add more content to cover Modes and Drones better during the spring.

Backing tracks for Modes, Link to folder

Mixolydian1.mp3 Remastered.
2 chords changing thoughout, get into the habit of changing key OR stay in C minor all night.
Phrygian.mp3 Remastered.
2 chord changing, good groove. You will actually change between Phrygian and Lydian but only need to pay Ab Major throughout.
FmajJazz.mp3 (4Mb). Remastered
Play F major throughout the changes. See what you are playing over in FmajJazz.pdf. You will find Phrygian, Dorian modes etc. Try to think of the chord when playing over it.
CmajJazz.mp3 (4Mb) Remastered June 2011
Same as above but more traditional Jazz feeling.

MixolydianBluesWilson (6Mb) New June 2011
Play Mixolydian over the 7 chords
D major over A7,
G major over D7 and A major over E7

LydDomBigSur_20110607 (6Mb) New June 2011
Lydian Dominant.pdf
Try Play Lydian Dominant over the D7 chords
Choose for instance A min pent/mixolydian over A7 and SuperLocrian over the E alt
D Lydian Dominant equals A Melodic Minor. E SuperLocrian equals F Melodic Minor

II-V7-I, Jazz blocks, backing tracks, Link to folder

ii7-V7-Ij.mp3 (6Mb)
HDim-V7plus9-i.mp3 (4Mb)
V7plus9-I.mp3 (6Mb)

Jazz Minor Blues, backing tracks, Link to folder

Bbm blues miami latin 126.mp3 (5.6Mb)
Bbm blues miami latin 126.pdf
Dm blues bossa 126.mp3 (5.6Mb)
Dm blues bossa 126.pdf
Ebm blues reggae 76.mp3 (6.6Mb)
Ebm blues reggae 76.pdf
Gm blues 125.mp3 (5.7Mb)
Gm blues 125.pdf

Blues, backing tracks, Link to folder

Bb7 Blues Stevie Ray.mp3 Remastered June 2011
Bb7 blues stevie ray.pdf
Dm7 blues.mp3 Remastered, bass/drums only
Dm7 blues.pdf
E7 blues 130.mp3 (3.9Mb)
E7 blues 130.pdf
Fm7 blues.mp3 Remastered
Fm7 blues.pdf
G7 medium clapton blues.mp3 Remastered
G7 medium clapton blues.pdf

Circle of 5ths, backing tracks, Link to folder

Dom7thsC5_2B.mp3 (7.4Mb)
Dom7thsC5_4B.mp3 (5.5Mb)

Drones, backing tracks, Link to folder

A_then_G_Phrygian.mp3 Remastered
B_Locrian_s2.mp3 Remastered
D7b9_PhrygianDom.mp3 Remastered
E_then_A_Lydian.mp3 (2.1Mb)


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